Serbia: go to of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Conference for the Safety of Nationwide Minorities

A delegation from the Advisory Committee of the Council of Europe on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities will visit Niš, Novi Sad and Belgrade from March 18-22, 2019 to assess progress in monitoring the protection of national minorities in Serbia.

This is the fourth visit by the Advisory Committee to Serbia. The Advisory Committee will hold meetings with representatives from government, civil society and national minorities to discuss the implementation of the Framework Agreement with relevant stakeholders.

The delegation consists of Ms. Marie B. Hagsgård, member of the advisory committee for Sweden, Mr Petter Wille, member of the advisory committee for Norway, Ms. Edita Žiobienė, member of the advisory committee for Lithuania and Mr Jean-Etienne Kautzmann, administrator, secretariat of the Framework Convention to protect national minorities.

Following this visit, the Advisory Committee will deliver its fourth opinion on the implementation of the Framework Convention in Serbia, which will contain specific results and recommendations for follow-up. The fourth opinion is expected to be adopted in June 2019.

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