Brazil is on the point of catastrophe, and the president …


Bolsonaroair Bolsonaro

Brazil is on the brink of disaster, as the intensive care units for covid patients are full, and President Jair Bolsonaro refuses to introduce lockdown.

Health workers describe the situation as frightening, the country’s health system is in the worst crisis in its history, and patients are dying while waiting for a bed in intensive care, writes the Guardian.

Brazil set new records in the number of new infections and deaths from coronavirus last week, and researchers from the leading Brazilian health institute Fiocruz believe that the largest country in South America has faced an unprecedented “catastrophe”.

However, the Brazilian president continues to reduce the danger of a pandemic that took more than 287,000 lives in that country, and Brazil ranks second in the world in the number of deaths, after the United States. The increase in the number of infected and dead is partly a consequence of the spread of the Brazilian variant of coronavirus, P1.

– Our situation is not so critical. Compared to other countries, it is actually quite comfortable – said Ricardo Barros, a Bolsonar supporter in the lower house, on Wednesday, when 2,798 deaths and a record 90,830 new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in Brazil.

However, doctors in the intensive care units point out that the situation is desperate and “worse than chaos”. Some of them cried with exhaustion and despair as they struggled to care for a large number of patients in serious condition.

In some hospitals, due to lack of space, patients are placed in ambulances.

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