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THANKSGIVING TO HEAVEN: Sanja Bartok with the little ones

The noble Jovan Zivanovic from Mannheim, who knows how many times he proved how big his heart is, when he sent a gift of 100 euros to the doorstep of a young mother of seven children, Sanja Bartok (33) from Gudurica near Vrsac. True, Sanja and her children, this great benefactor born in Modriča, a long-time reader of “Vesti” and a participant in many actions of the Humanitarian Bridge, have helped on several occasions before. He did it because he learned that where there are many children, there are many expenses.

I can’t do it alone

The needs that need to be met exceed Sanja’s possibilities, as well as that of her unmarried husband. They cannot bear that burden on their own.

– It is difficult to describe in words how grateful we are to this wonderful man. We wish him every happiness and all the best in life, and above all good health and a long life. And just understanding the situation we are in, as well as sincere support, are a balm for our problems. And even when material help is added to that, then we can only bow deeply. The same is the case with the wonderful Jovan Zivanovic, who sent us 100 euros of help again. We are overjoyed and grateful, because with this donation we will solve at least a part of the problem that bothers us – said Sanja Bartok.

Love and support are the only wealth

As she says, in a house where there are many children, something is always missing, but most importantly, love and support are not missing.

– On that side, we are rich, but not even close to the material. As I already mentioned, the whole situation with the corona virus has affected us a lot, because there is no work for medicine. When it is added that we live in a house that is dilapidated, leaking, without a bathroom, that something needs to be fixed somewhere constantly, that I wash my hands, and the children bathe in the sink, life is not easy at all. I also know that many condemn me for not being able to provide everything for the children, but we sincerely hope that some better times will come for us as well. That we will manage to get out of the vicious circle of poverty that has been pressing us for years – Sanja Bartok will honestly say.

Left without social assistance

According to her, she is aware that some people have worse and more difficult problems and that they are not the only ones who need help, but since she recently lost the right to social assistance due to the situation with her unmarried husband, everyday life has become more difficult.

– Social security has given us more or less confidence that we will not starve. Now that we have been left without that, at least for the next six months, and there is no work in the wage due to the winter, we are also in trouble. That is why this help of the noble Jovan Živanović comes to us as a gift from heaven. That our children do not starve and we are infinitely grateful for that – Sanja pointed out, sharing with our journalists that they are waiting for another addition – the eighth child.

Despite the poverty, Sanja’s children are golden. Anyone who had the opportunity to meet them, would be pleasantly surprised by their nice upbringing, acting as an example to all. That is why they deserve the opportunity to have a carefree childhood as much as possible and to one day become good people, ready to help others in need.

A gift from a fellow citizen

Snjezana Djurovic, a fellow citizen from Belgrade, also sent another 1,000 dinars to Sanja and her family as a sign of support.

– On this occasion, I would like to thank that wonderful lady from the bottom of my heart for her help, because I know that every gift is from the heart and that means a lot to us. It is not easy to separate yourself to help someone you don’t know, especially not in such a difficult time, when many people need help – said Sanja.

Hard without a job

According to Sanja, any kind of help is still welcome.

– We live modestly and in peace, but life is expensive. There are expenses on all sides, and I can’t cover them if you don’t have a job and some kind of security. I am aware that many condemn me because of how many children we have, and we do not have a constant source of income. As well as the fact that we are in some way selfish that we bring them into this situation, but I must say that they are our greatest treasure, love and the only thing worth living and fighting for. I know it’s hard to understand, but it’s true. They may not have everything, because we can’t provide it for them, but they have each other, mutual support and love that will guide them throughout their lives. Each of them has their own destiny and it is up to them to be better people than we are and that if they ever find themselves in a situation where they can, help those who are less happy than themselves – Sanja pointed out.

Contact and help account

Dear readers, who can and wants to help young Sanja to cope with the problems due to her children and their easier growing up, can contact her at the address: Gradnikova 21, 26335 Gudurica, Vršac or by phone +381 64 543 31 27. The donation from Serbia can be paid to Sanja’s account, opened in Erste bank: 340-32025517-36, and from abroad to the foreign currency account IBAN: RS35340000003202551736, SNjIFT: GIBARS22. Of course, as always, the “News” editorial office is at your service.

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