There are eight forms of lovers: Discover out which group you belong to

Partners can often doubt the quality of their sex life because of the imposed image of hot, frequent and unforgettable sex.

But Australian sex therapist Sandra Pertot says it is normal for couples to have sex once a month.

– As with everything else, people differ in their sexual desires, which is why not everyone can have passionate sex – claims Dr. Pertot.

She transferred her 35-year experience as a sex therapist to the book “When Your Sexual Instincts Don’t Match”.

As he says, it is important for people to understand that they are normal and that everything is fine with their instincts and sex life regardless of the frequency of desire or sex itself.

All that is needed is alignment with the partner which can be achieved by discovering the type of libido.

An open conversation with your partner about the frequency of desire will contribute to understanding and better sex.

1. Sensual type: love is more important than the act itself

– Emotional connection and the feeling of mutual love is more important to him than orgasm and sexual performance.

2. Dependent type: sex is its initiator

– He needs and wants sex every day to deal with problems in everyday life.

3. Reactive type: everything revolves around the partner

– He is happy to satisfy his partner. Sex is only worth it if the other half is happy.

4. Fighter for his rights: relentlessly seeks what he wants

– He believes that he has the right to ask for and get everything he wants in order to achieve sexual climax.

5. Addictive type: seeks happiness in all places

– Despite a quality relationship or marriage, this type of libido is difficult to resist sex “from the side”, because it is addictive.

6. Disinterested type: enjoys sex but has no instinct

– Has no or very little desire for sex. Despite that, he enjoys sex with all his senses.

7. Busy type: everything is in your mind except sex

– He feels a strong desire for sex, but he is preoccupied with everyday problems in order to enjoy it.

8. Obsessive type: it is triggered by only one

– He has one main sexual fixation in the form of an object or situation that triggers his libido.

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