The participant revealed the scandalous particulars of the motion of Tirket and Ned, and so they did this when nobody was watching them!


Future parents of Neda Lakić and Tirka

During the show, new details emerged.

Tirke tried to justify himself, but he did not succeed. Sladja Petrovic told everything she saw, many were left in shock.

– I saw last night what they were doing under the covers, they had * s again – said Slađa.

Then Tirke tried to justify himself:

– Neda and I never hid that we had a relationship. I don’t know how she could see everything. She was so far away – he tried to justify Tirke.

Then he retaliated and addressed Sladja:

“You better watch how your daughter treats you,” he said.

They continued to shoot at each other for some time.

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