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Milan Vlasic

When we look at it realistically, people spend all the money in this world to feel good. However, we agree that the best and most beautiful things are free, so let’s see in the next few lines what we can do to feel good without spending all the money. or to spend nothing.

Last Saturday, I wrote about the fact that we should not think too much about the past and the future, but that we should live in the present moment. However, here I will try to go a little deeper into the causes of this concept, which is much easier to write or say than to apply in practice.

We may try, but somehow we quickly give up and continue as before. If we do the same thing we must expect the same result. So we have to form some new habits and repeat them until they become part of us. According to some research, 21 days is enough, some say a few months, while for some habits it takes six months.

The need for balance

The essential reasons why we think either about the past so that we are depressed or about the future so that we are anxious and miss something most precious, that is, the present moment, lies in the lack of balance.

Namely, the brain works, as people say, “300 per hour” while the body generally does not move. Where there is a problem, there is a solution – let’s move on! Who can, let him run, who can’t, let him walk, let him move as much as he can, but physical activity is absolutely necessary to establish balance, of some kind.

Without the balance of body and mind, it is impossible to sleep well, to feel good. If we do not sleep well and if we often feel bad, the body, as an emotional filter, reacts to get sick.

We will of course find the current or some other crisis to blame for not feeling well, but I do not remember meeting any athlete, mountaineer, hunter, fisherman, any active swimmer, walker and runner, boxer or karate that he is depressed .

Have you seen someone who is tired of physical activities and says that something is not feeling well? You are not, of course, because increased physical activity excludes both depression and anxiety, and of course fear.

At the risk of repeating myself, I must mention that it is extremely important to know the fact that something that holds our attention actually rules our lives, to control us. Don’t let it be news, don’t let it be negative people or negative stories.

Dedicate yourself to beautiful things, walk the dog for example. Don’t have a dog ?! So get a dog, it’s not that complicated. To my best knowledge, I claim that by having a dog, you will solve the issue of movement and many other issues, you will dedicate yourself to something, someone will love you without calculations, unconditionally.

Time of scarcity

Many of our readers remember the time of permanent danger to life, the time of shortages, irregular salaries of five marks, the time without gasoline or, in happy moments, the green metal canisters in which gasoline was bought, the time of empty shelves, shortages of basic foodstuffs, electricity and water shortages. , shortage of cigarettes, coffee, almost everything.

Many of us remember situations when we don’t know what to do with freezers when the electricity goes out for a long time, cisterns that bring drinking water and we wait in line with plastic buckets, rare cars and even rarer buses and much more that is not for newspapers.

If you see this situation as hopeless then you have not experienced the nineties or you have forgotten them. This situation is not pleasant at all, but any comparison with what people went through 25-30 years ago is realistic – incorrect.

Physics lesson

The physics professor asked the students if they could reach out and hold two glasses of water.

“Of course you can, but for how long?” The professor added.

“As long as it takes,” the students shouted.

The professor called them and let them hold glasses of water in front of them, but after less than half an hour they all gave up.

“Well, dear colleagues,” the professor continued, “it is not so much how heavy the glass is, but how long we hold it, because the longer we hold it, the heavier it becomes.”

That is why we must not keep a bad perception of this crisis, because if we keep it for a long time, the burden will become unbearable. The solution is to focus on talking to dear people, on something nice and to regularly take the dog for a walk that you will get after reading this text.

And the crisis will pass as it came, each has passed, and this one will pass, and the dogs will stay.

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