RTS :: The NBA league will wait

Ražnatović confirmed via Twitter that Micić will stay in Turkey next season as well.

It was written in previous months that Micić could leave for the NBA league, but now there is no dilemma – he remains in Ephesus, with which he won the Euroleague twice.

Micić recently pointed out that he is ready to go to the NBA league, but that the condition is that he has good minutes.

Eight years ago, the Serbian playmaker was selected by Philadelphia as the 52nd pick in the NBA draft. In December 2020, the Seventy-Sixers traded the rights to the Serbian national team player to Oklahoma, for which Aleksei Pokuševski plays.

“Honestly, I have a desire to go to the NBA, but in the way I told the people from Oklahoma, and that is only to play there. I really don’t see myself going there to tell my friends from the area that I was in the NBA and to bring them an Oklahoma jersey. It doesn’t inspire me,” Micić said at the time.

With Efes, he won the Euroleague twice in a row, and both times he was declared the best player of the final tournament of the strongest European basketball competition.

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