RTS :: RTS finds out – gasoline cheaper by about 6 dinars, Mićović: Turbulent oil market

The Government of Serbia has banned the export of diesel for another week, in order to preserve the stability of market supply. By the way, crude oil prices slipped below $100 this week.

A barrel of Brent oil on the London Stock Exchange, which also dictates prices on our market, is around $94, while “American light oil” fell to $89 today.

Tomislav Mićović, Secretary General of the Association of Oil Companies of Serbia, said, during a guest appearance in RTS’s Dnenvik, that all consumers can know in advance what the direction of price movements will be and that they should wait for official confirmation.

“For the last few weeks, movements on the global market, but not oil prices, have been respected in our formula for calculating the price of fuel, where countries manage prices, figures from the market between, that is, oil derivatives, gasoline and diesel quotations, since they were falling, so it is to be expected that the prices today are a little lower,” Micović said.

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