RTS :: China launched army workout routines within the seas round Taiwan

The military exercises started at midnight local time. They are being held in six areas within a radius of about 20 kilometers from Taiwan and will last until midnight on Saturday.

China’s military’s Eastern Combatant Command Area said it conducted a successful live ammunition firing exercise near Taiwan.

The drills were launched as “a deterrent against the recent escalation of negative moves by the United States on Taiwan and a serious warning against separatist activities in Taiwan,” a Chinese state television report said.

Beijing has issued a warning for ships and aircraft not to enter the water and airspace in the areas where the drills are taking place, the coordinates of which were previously announced.

Taiwan is deploying missile systems and ships

In response to China’s moves, Taiwan is deploying missile systems and keeping ships near the “middle line” of the Taiwan Strait near the island, Reuters quoted an unnamed Taiwanese source as saying.

“Taiwan is deploying missile systems to monitor the activities of the Chinese air force near the median line. The ships are also near the median line to monitor the activities of the Chinese naval forces,” said a source the agency said was familiar with the situation.

According to the same source, earlier today several Chinese military aircraft and about 10 ships briefly crossed the “middle line” of the Taiwan Strait.

“Irresponsible and illegitimate behavior”

Taiwanese officials have condemned holding military exercises in the immediate vicinity of the island, pointing out that they violate United Nations rules and represent an invasion of Taiwan’s territorial space and a direct challenge to free navigation and air traffic.

“China is conducting drills on the busiest international waterways and air routes. This is irresponsible and illegitimate behavior,” said Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party.

A spokesman for the Taiwanese government also condemned the military exercises and said that the websites of Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the President’s Office were attacked by hackers.

Also, Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said that on Wednesday evening, just hours after Nancy Pelosi left for South Korea, unidentified aircraft, possibly drones, flew over the area of ​​Taiwan’s outer islands.

“Ronald Reagan” is also nearby.

As China conducts military exercises around Taiwan, the US Navy said the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan was conducting scheduled operations in the Philippine Sea in the western Pacific, the part of the ocean that includes waters southeast of Taiwan.

“The aircraft carrier and its strike group are in the Philippine Sea continuing normal, scheduled operations as part of a routine patrol in support of a free and open Indo-Pacific,” a spokesman for the US Navy’s Seventh Fleet said.

The aircraft carrier “Ronald Reagan” is an American nuclear-powered carrier of the “Nimitz” class. It is the ninth aircraft carrier of that class, and was named after former US President Ronald Reagan.

Risk of serious confrontation and open conflicts

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has warned that there is a risk that instability caused by tensions in the Taiwan Strait could lead to “miscalculations, serious confrontation, open conflict and unpredictable consequences among major powers”.

ASEAN, whose foreign ministers, including US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, are meeting in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, said in a statement that it was ready to play a constructive role in facilitating peaceful dialogue between all parties.

At the meeting of ASEAN foreign ministers in Phnom Penh, Wang said that China has made the greatest diplomatic efforts to avoid the crisis, but that it will never allow its core interests to be threatened.

He characterized Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan as a “manic, irresponsible and highly irrational” US action.

A finger in Beijing’s eye

Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi she was on a short visit to Taiwan on Wednesdaywhich was met with sharp condemnations from China and led to an increase in tensions in the Taiwan Strait.

Pelosi said in Taiwan that she came to Taiwan to make it clear that the US will not give up its support and solidarity with Taiwan. She insisted that they respect the one-China policy, but support the status quo and do not want anything to happen to Taiwan by force.

It was the first visit by a speaker of the House of Representatives to Taiwan since 1997, which Beijing saw as a violation of sovereignty and interference in China’s internal political affairs.

“playing with fire”

Even before Pelosi’s arrival in Taiwan, the Chinese authorities announced that they would take all available countermeasures in response to the visit, which they characterized as “playing with fire.”

Although Taiwan de facto functions as an independent democracy, China insists it has sovereignty over the island and fiercely opposes any possibility of Taiwan being considered an independent country. Most countries in the world do not recognize Taiwan as an independent country.

After her visit to Taiwan, Pelosi’s Asian tour continued in Japan and South Korea and today she plans to visit the Korean Demilitarized Zone, the border area between North and South Korea that is jointly controlled by the two countries, the US and the United Nations.

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