PRODUCTION: First Animated Sequence Produced in Serbia Stars Johnny Depp

BELGRADE: Production of the first season of the first animated series produced in Serbia and intended for worldwide distribution called Puffins Impossible – The Series has been completed. It is a spin-off from the famous Puffins series, starring Johnny Depp. Depp came to Belgrade to promote the project.

The series, which consists of five-minute episodes, was realized with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia and in the animated production studio Iervolino Studios by Andrea Iervolino and Lady Monika. created Bacardi, the founders of parent company Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment. Production was done by Archangel Digital Studios founded by actor / producer Miloš Biković.

The voice and appearance of the main character Johnny Puff are based on Johnny Depp.

The first season will consist of 18 episodes.

“Puffins Impossible is a great story for all ages. It takes turns being funny, charming, absurd, abstract, and educational. I really enjoyed working on this project and hope it will replicate the success of the Puffins series that made it up The work that was done in just one year is just amazing. I am delighted with the creativity of the people from Serbia, “said Johnny Depp.

“The production of such a series is important not only for Iervolino Studios and Archangel Digital Studios, but also for the Serbian creative industry. Puffins Impossible is the first animation series produced in Serbia that meets the highest world standards. It’s a big leap for which I would like to thank Miloš Biković again, who only convinced me a year ago that we in Serbia can produce everything we imagined with great artists working here, as well Johnny Depp, with whom we continue to have a successful cooperation in Serbia, ”said Andrea Iervolino.

“This is a huge success for local artists. Together we managed to start the animation industry thanks to innovative technologies and the unique pipeline that we imported to Serbia, giving our creative people the opportunity to work according to the standards of. to work some of the largest studios in the world, “said Miloš Biković on that occasion.

The Puffins Impossible series will soon be available for streaming on the world’s leading platforms such as Apple TV.

Iervolino Studios currently operates in two cities, Belgrade and Novi Sad, and employs over 100 members. The team is to be expanded to 600 employees by 2026.

Production information:

Iervolino Studios (Serbia)
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Archangel Digital Studios (Serbia)
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Showrunner: Peter Nalli
Actor’s voice: Johnny Depp
Produced by: Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi, Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment
Producers: Miloš Biković and Tatjana Žeželj, Archangel Didital Studios

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