Miljana Kulić threatened Lazar Čolić Zola after the battle with Filip Automotive (VIDEO)

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Miljana Kulić

During today’s day, Miljana Kulić fiercely clashed with Filip Car, and then she cried and screamed in the bedroom. Lazar Colic tried in every way to calm her down.

– Swear to your mother that you will never talk to him, he is your friend, I know you will talk to him! – Miljana shouted.

– What’s the matter with you doing this? Lazarus asked.

– If my mother dies, you won’t talk to him! She shouted.

– Well, what’s the matter with you interfering in everything? Zola continued.

– That’s your friend, he’s more important to you than me! Will he tell me I’m a cunt? How he insulted me! I’m not interested in anything anymore, I’ve been here since today! – said Kulić.

– If he’s my friend, why are you interfering? Why are you interfering at all? Don’t do some things, don’t talk about something if you can’t stand it! – said Zola.

– To be afraid every day that you will leave me because of some of my opinions. Don’t sit next to me anymore – Kulic continued.

– What are you talking nonsense about now, what are you talking about now? The girl makes it difficult for herself! You obviously don’t love me! Your mother and father are watching you now, how do you think they feel – said Colic.

– I want to die! God and Saint Basil, if there is you, please take me! I want to die! I want to die for you! – said Kulić.

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