Lock in impact till Sunday


Coronavirus in Australia

With a number of positive cases of covids recorded in southeastern Queensland (13 on Monday), the government of this Australian state has decided to extend the closure measures until Sunday, August 8, at 4 p.m.

As for the corona virus delta strain, Queensland health officials are preparing for a number of new cases in the coming days, especially due to the fact that one of the positives was contagious in the community six days before testing and going into isolation.

It is known that this strain is far more transmissible among young people, so it is not surprising that a larger number of new cases are among high school students in the Indoropili neighborhood in Brisbane.
The restrictive measures were supposed to last until Tuesday afternoon, but they will still be extended for at least another five days.

The schools started working online on Tuesday, while commercial construction was allowed to continue, as well as the necessary construction work on private facilities.

Due to the extension of the lock, a $ 260 million aid package is planned, specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. $ 5,000 grants are available to all firms in Queensland, not just those in the 11 closed municipalities.

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