“Do not contact me, please”: Journalist indignant at followers’ habits earlier than the match (VIDEO)


American sports journalist Lindsey Goh complained on social media that she had big problems with fans over the weekend!

She was supposed to have a live broadcast, just before the American football match between Clemson and Georgia, but she simply could not do her job because her fans were constantly approaching and harassing her.

“Please don’t touch me,” Lindsay told a fan who approached at one point.

After the first guy touched me I started rolling… this isn’t even all of it. So uncomfortable. Can we please respect people’s space pic.twitter.com/1r0VQVoBoq

— Lyndsey Gough (@LGonTV) September 5, 2021

He wasn’t the only one, and Lindsay was looking at the camera anxiously and angrily in those moments. At the same time, the number of fans who disturbed the mentioned journalist increased.

– Please don’t touch my equipment. As much as I have time, I have to move from here – she addressed her colleagues.

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