Champions League last in Istanbul more and more unsure: Trophy combat strikes to Wembley?

Photo: Tanjug / AP

Chelsea FC

The play-off of the Champions League final in Istanbul on May 29 is increasingly under question, so other solutions are already being considered because time is inevitably leaking.

The British government has introduced restrictions when it comes to the departure of its citizens to Turkey, where the coronavirus does not subside.

Since two English clubs will fight for the “ear” trophy, there is more and more talk that the reserve solution for the game would have to be on the “island”.

UEFA was initially firm in the position that the finals will still be played in Istanbul, but the next few days could set a precedent for Aleksandar Ceferin and his associates to agree to change.

The main candidate is Wembley, the largest English stadium and which could accommodate 22,500 spectators.

Villa Park was mentioned as a solution, as well as the new White Hart Lane and Newcastle’s St. James Park, but UEFA rejected those proposals.

Wembley is still the first favorite and, if the decision is made to move the final from Istanbul, the destination will be London.

The final was already played there in 2013, when Bayern became the European champions with a 2: 1 victory over Borussia Dortmund.

Also, in that case, UEFA would ask Chelsea and Manchester City to give up their earnings from participating in the final and to settle the Turkish authorities, who have already invested in the organization of the match, with those approximately 22,500,000 euros.

He will make a decision in the coming days.

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